Intelligent Customer Engagement

We demystify complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. We focus on tangible business benefits for your operations. We work through your people to create the best experiences.

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Intelligent Operations

Artificial Intelligence has the promise to deliver the experiences that your customers now demand and that can grow your sales or reduce costs.

You need to understand what it can and cannot do for you. You want to adopt a strategic approach to ensure it addresses your priority business needs.

Humanotics helps clients to build or select and then deploy the right AI solutions to create more Intelligent Operations.

Commercial Realism

The competitive pressure on you to act fast with AI seems to grow by the day. But you need to ensure that your business case always stacks ups. Pilot projects need to be agile and focused to ensure they drive your decision making effectively.

Humanotics provides the Commercial Reality Check needed to ensure business benefits are delivered at every stage.

Augmented Cultures

You know that both your customers and your people need to engage with this new technology. Your team’s capabilities must evolve. Customer journeys must be enhanced and remain seamless. You know that you need to harness the knowledge of the people in your business to make AI succeed.

Humanotics works with your people end-to-end through our unique approach to create an Augmented Culture.

Our Mission

Humanotics’ mission is to demystify complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology and help organisations to deliver real business benefits from it.

If this technology is to deliver on what it promises for more intelligent customer engagement, solutions must be business-led and align with your digital contact strategy. At the same time we recognise that speed and agility are of the essence.

We adopt an end-to-end approach to help you on your AI journey. Our experienced team has a unique balance of skills to support each step of the way from customer experience design and operational change to data science and technology integration.

We will deliver for you the benefits that AI promises faster than you can do alone.

Our Tools

The Artificial Intelligence tools and applications market is evolving rapidly but remains a complex minefield of start-ups, point solutions and high-end enterprise ready tools.

Humanotics keeps on top of these developments to ensure we are always able to recommend the right approach for you. With our intimate knowledge of customer interactions, structured and unstructured insight analytics and operational performance management we are increasingly developing applications that may work off the shelf for you. This can speed up time to delivery and provide a solution that best fits your architecture and roadmap.

Either way, we always ensure you get the right tool for the job, whether a bespoke build or a third party application, in a flexible commercial model that works for you.

How we work

Our approach gives you the support you need end to end or we can target our help to where it is most required.

We help you to work out exactly how AI can benefit your business today.

We design and build cost effective AI solutions or help you to select the right one.

We are agile but business-led in solution testing, tuning and deployment.

We engage your people and operations through the process so they are set up for success.

We can support your AI journey long term through a managed service.

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Why Humanotics?

“After 25 years designing and delivering leading edge customer experiences with clients across the globe I could clearly see a change happening with the rise of AI. But clients had more confusion and questions than understanding and vision, so I decided earlier this year to address that.

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a wealth of analytical skills and years of solving commercial challenges for client, I could see a way to help clients bridge the gap from AI hype to practical business reality.

It’s critical not to forget that AI is just the technology and so we always come back to evaluating the business benefit in everything we do. Secondly, we recognise the crucial role that people play in making the technology a success. We put them at the heart of our approach.

That’s what I’ve built the Humanotics team to do.”

David Naylor

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